Empowering brands through consumer confidence and connection

Send and receive assets with a few simple taps:
  • Monitor multi-chain assets on extension window
  • Grant access and sign transactions to Web3
  • Manage and transfer NFT assets

Airdrop & IDO Download

BNBchain & Polkadot & Kusama’s ultimate wallet

SafeEarth brand protection and anti-counterfeiting

We support multiple blockchains

Manage multiple accounts

Multi-functional wallet

Manage your portfolio without a hitchs

Web3 Multiverse Gateway

  • For BNBchain & Polkadot & Kusama Ecosystem
  • Track, send, receive and monitor multi-chain assets with ease.

Handle NFT assets

We are proud to be the very first wallet that supports NFT asset management and transference in Polkadot & Kusama ecosystems.
Pre-purchase authentication of the product on scanning the open tag

Efficiently tracking your crowdloan portfolio

You can explore opportunities to support and kickstart your favorite parachains and monitor rewarding tokens.
Post-Purchase protected tag scan to collect loyalty or participate in gaming

World Class Technology

Built by experienced team from Google, Amazon, Paypal, Visa and Yahoo!

  • 24x7 monitoring
  • Continuously evolving
  • Works in combination with the algorithmic tags to create an end-to-end ecosystem
Unique AI Monitored Serialization Technology

Freely monitoring to earn while staking DOT

Earning has never been so easy—come check and enjoy everyday if you will.

SubWallet Dashboard - Easy, Powerful and Financially Prudent for Brands
  • High Quality and Economical

    • Voted best in industry by peers
    • Low capital and operational expenses
    • Highly customizable

  • Continuously Evolving

    • Collective learning across industries
    • Corresponding continuous improvements at no extra cost

  • Zero Maintenance

    • On cloud and 100% managed
    • 24x7 support

  • Data security managed by experts

Deployed on millions of devices worldwide

Our global success partners


BNB earnings from the beginning to the boom period when SUB listed on exchanges

  • Brand

  • Showcase

  • Grow

  • Transaction

  • Referral Programs